About the team behind zappcha

Zappcha has been developed by Veesus Ltd. Veesus is one of Europe’s leading providers of point cloud visualisation software, and was created in 2012 after the founders saw how difficult it was for companies to work effectively with point cloud data.

Since then, Veesus has been focused on making software that lets users view, manipulate, edit and animate point clouds of any size, without the need for expensive computer equipment. Its flagship software, Veesus Arena4D, is incredibly popular with a whole range of industries, from architects and construction to defence and policing.

Additionally, Veesus has created plug-ins designed to enable users of popular CAD software to work natively with point clouds. These plug-ins for McNeel’s Rhino and Dassault System’s SolidWorks software make it much easier for 3D designers to work with point cloud data, improving the quality and speed of their work.

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zappcha - the next step on the journey

Zappcha continues Veesus’ vision to make point clouds easy and accessible for all. We built the Zappcha app to take advantage of the latest mobile devices with LiDAR scanners built in, enabling users to easily capture scans wherever they are. The Zappcha Cloud makes it incredibly easy for anyone, from hobbyists to enterprise-level organisations, to store and share large point cloud files – and integrations to Veesus software and third party plug-ins enable users to take point clouds stored on Zappcha and work with them in a professional CAD environment.

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